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Rental Hickory Shaft Golf Clubs
Hickory Golf Experience Niblick
Replica Hickory Shaft Golf Clubs for Rental
Classic Hickory Blade Putter for Tournament Play

Our Golf Equipment

Brassie~  Our wooden club is used to play from the tee on long holes as well as long approach shots.  This would be considered a modern day 2-wood.

Cleek~  Our least lofted iron is used primarily for tee shots and low advancing type shots.  The Cleek is also known as a “driving iron”.

Mid Iron~  This iron begins the transition from long-iron to mid-iron in our club set.  It is most comparable to today's 4-iron. 

Mashie Iron~  The Mashie Iron was made to fill the gap in the more talented players set. Bobby Jones played this club from a fairway trap to win the 1926 British Open.

Mashie~  By name, the Mashie is perhaps the most well known.  You will get many opportunities during your round to use this club.  It is most equivalent to a modern 6 or 7-iron.

Mashie Niblick~  With a higher loft and a more rounded clubhead shape, the Mashie Niblick leads the progression into the "short irons".  Used for pitching, chipping and lofted approach shots. 

Niblick~  As the most lofted club in the set, the Niblick is for approach shots inside 100 yards, from bunkers and softer shots around the green when less roll out is needed.

Blade Putter~  The name says it all for this club.  The Blade Putter has a no frills design and will reward putts with a pure roll if struck in the sweet spot. 

Mesh Golf Balls~  Modeled from balls used in the time Bobby Jones reigned over the golfing world, our reproduction golf balls will complete your Hickory Golf Experience.

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